Getting Started

What to expect ...

  • We will usually have a 20-minute Zoom conversation in the first instance to talk through your referral. This is free of charge.

  • We can then proceed to the initial consultation (via Zoom) to further discuss your referral. This will need to be paid for (1 to 1.5 hours). Please see the Fees page.

    • This will include going through the intake paperwork, such as:

      • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (data privacy and usage)

      • Safeguarding and confidentiality

      • Assessment procedures, such as SDQs, RCADS, DMM

      • How we will work together and fees

      • The Treatment Consent Form will then be signed.

  • Sessions are mostly held weekly during term-time and last for up to 45 / 50 minutes (dependent on the age of your child).

  • The work is offered on an ongoing basis or we can agree the number of sessions to start with but ideally a minimum of :

    • 12 sessions for Child & Adolescent Counselling and family work

    • 18 parent and child and 6 parent-only Theraplay® sessions.

  • Ending therapy takes time:

    • Please allow for a minimum of three sessions to end therapy with you and your child.